Bloomfield Pet Grooming

We are here to take care of your pet and make them feel right at home while you are away. We are a certified Cat Friendly Practice by the American Association of Feline Practitioners. Our feline friends get to live it up condo style. Each condo is two-stories and has its own cozy sleeping quarters that kitties find very inviting. They have their own quiet room free of any barking dogs for complete relaxation. For boarding, cats need to be current on their Feline Distemper/Rhino/Calici and Rabies vaccine. A fecal check is recommended as well to make sure your pet is free from intestinal parasites.

Our canine friends enjoy a breath of fresh air on their outside walks three times a day. They get to

relax to the sounds of classical music played throughout the day. We make them feel right at home

with lots of TLC and soft blankets. For boarding, dogs need to be current on the Bordetella (Kennel

Cough) vaccine, Distemper/Parvo and Rabies vaccine. A negative fecal is also required for our

canine boarders.

Let us know if you would like your pet to receive additional pampering services while you are away

such as a bath, nail trim, and more.

If you have a boarding reservation scheduled and would like to complete the required waiver before bringing your pet in you can download the form from this link-

Boarding Waiver.docx