Bloomfield Pet Grooming

Shampooch-Choose from our special organic shampoos that will make your furry friend smell delish. $6.00

"Breakfast in Bed"-Honey and Oatmeal Shampoo

"Quiet Time"- Lavender and Cashmere Shampoo

"Lap of Luxury"- Italian Milk and Vanilla Shampoo

"Just Peachy"-Peaches and Cream Shampoo

"Hello Bright Eyes" Facial-Let us pamper your baby with a Blueberry facial to brighten that face, decrease signs of tear staining and leave you with a sweet smelling, kissable pooch. $6.00

Express Groom-Have  a cutie that needs to be groomed but is a little nervous at the groomers? We can put the zoom in this groom and get them out fast*. $25.00  *This may be limited due to availability.

No More Tangles-If your pet is matted and the shaved dog look doesn't do your dog justice, we can gently and safely de-matt them, keeping your friend furry. A trimmer will check your pet first to make sure that they can do this, sometimes shaving will be the better option for your pet. $25.00

Doctor's Orders-Prescription shampoos are available as prescribed by a veterinarian. $10.00, bring your own $6.00

Get Out of Hair-Ear plucking and cleaning without a bath or trim. $7.00

Brush, Brush, Brush-Have your pet brushed out between grooms to help prevent matting. $5-$25 depending on breed and size.

Dog Kisses-Teeth brushing $8.00

Smooth Operator-Nail smoothing $10.00

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